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Pocket your real time Business data for better
decision making via web & mobile Reports.


Productive sales cycle management & easy POS

Manage Inventory in Matrix classification

Analyse inventory by ageing, fast, medium & slow moving items

Seamless data Management - Unlimited Masters, Inventory SKU & Transactions.

E-Invoicing & Eway Bill Generation via API Integration

Supply chain planning & Management

Unique Barcode for stock tracking with lots, batches & serialized inventory

Integrated with accounting & financial management

Customized ERP Solutions Based on your Business Requirements

Integrated with other Business & Analtics application.


Apparel & Footwear

Automobile sales & service

Baby & Toy Shop

Bag & Luggage Shop

Books & Stationery Shop

Paints Shop

Readymade garments

Computer & Laptop

Electronics & Home Appliance

Life style & Fashion Showroom

FMCG Distribution

Frozen & Meat Shop

Rice shop & Traders

Sports Showroom

Fruits & Vegetables

Hardware & Electricals


Kirana Shop

Mobile Stores


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Frequently Asked Questions

Algo app is the best billing software available for SMEs in India. The Algo app provides access to a range of useful features. They can make the business management process seamless for business owners.

Using our billing tool, you can save a lot of time and effort required in creating GST invoices. You can use automation tools, managing inventory using tracking features. Further, you can create reports using stored data, and much more.

In general, billing software helps generate and send GST bills. It allows you to track the products and services your customers use. Further it allows you to receive payments. However, some billing platforms like Algo are capable of much more. Using Algo, you can automate the repetitive tasks of your business. You can manage accounts, and create business reports too.

Professional invoicing and billing software is used to create personalised GST bills. It is used to provide better looking custom invoices to customers by businesses. These invoices help reflect the brand’s identity. FUrther, it caters the brand’s value to clients.

You can stand out among competitors using Vyapar’s GST billing software. It comes with fully customisable and appealing invoice designs. Further, you can use the business dashboard in the billing app to track down paid and unpaid invoices. You can send payment reminders to the customers too.

You can use Algo billing software on Android devices for free anytime. All businesses can get a one-month free trial with the desktop version. Algo billing software only charges for providing access to premium features.You can try premium features for free using trial access in desktop software.

Depending on the type of financial activities of your business, there are a variety of billing mechanisms you can choose. Some of them are as listed below:

  1. Milestone Billing.
  2. Progress Billing.
  3. Sub-line-item Billing.
  4. Billing on Completion.
  5. Billing for ongoing Services.
  6. Prorated Billing.

Algo billing software provides all features required in billing software. Algo is best-suited for small and medium businesses. They can easily rely on Algo app features for their business requirements. The best part is that it comes with free access using the Android mobile app.

GST bills are required for businesses that sell goods and services. It comes under the Goods and Service Tax law. You can use the Algo billing software to comply with the latest GST laws.

Using the best billing software by Algo, you can create GST bills. You can send them to customers online or print it. Further, you can use the data stored in the app to create business reports.

You can create a simplified online billing system for your customers. All you need is the Algo app with professional billing software tools. Using Algo, you can create invoices, send them to customers, provide multiple payment methods. It helps keep track of inventory, create business reports, and much more.

Yes, you can get the professional billing software by Algo for free. You can download the app on Android devices at zero cost and use it for your daily business requirements. You do not need to pay to use the app’s basic features.

Algo is the best business choice for creating GST bills for customers in India. Over one crore businesses use Algo to bill their customers. It is because they trust the Algo billing software. Algo is the best choice as it comes with a range of useful features that eliminate the requirement to have multiple billing softwares. It acts as one stop solution for all business requirements. The best billing solutions makes the entire business management process seamless.

The billing software by Algo is the best software. It is best-suited to manage billing requirements for a business. The best part is that the app offers customers a 15-day free trial with no restrictions.

So, before making a payment for the software, businesses can try out the app features. It will ensure that the app is useful for their business. All of it makes Algo the best choice among free billing softwares available.

Over one crore businesses in India prefer to use Algo as their billing software. It makes the entire process seamless for businesses. From creating customised GST invoices to creating business reports. The billing and accounting tools available in the Algo billing app make life better for business owners.

Employees can use the billing software easily as it has a user-friendly interface. It helps create tax invoices seamlessly. Numerous other features in the Algo app make it stand out among competitors. All features combined makes Algo the best billing software in India.

You can create GST and non-GST invoices for your clients. All you need is to use the best billing software by Algo. You can download the Algo invoicing software. Start with entering new party details. Once done, you can create and send invoices without paying any fees.

Online billing software is used to create bills for customers online. The billing tool is used by businesses to get paid for a contract. The billing software that makes online bills do not require you to download the app. You can go to online billing software by Vyapar, enter details for the invoice to create GST bills. Once generated, you can send them over to your customers.

Algo brings you the cheapest billing software that comes with various accounting features. You can use the app at a small subscription cost. It helps create professional invoices for customers.

Using affordable billing software, you can reduce the cost of operating your business. After all, Algo assists you in various business management tasks.

You can use Algo invoice templates to create computerised GST bills for your customers. The invoicing tools and billing software by Algo make the entire process seamless. It does not make a dent in your financials, as free templates does not require you to pay.

You can download the Algo software, automate your business’s billing process. It will save your employees time by creating computerised bills.

Offline invoicing refers to creating invoices using offline invoicing software. It doesn’t have the requirement of an active internet connection. Using offline invoicing tool features is crucial for most business owners in India.

It is due to the lack of connectivity in rural areas. Many businesses can’t access the internet during load shedding. Long hours of a power cut makes it impossible to bill without offline access. So they must have the best offline invoicing softwares like Algo.

Using the Algo invoicing app makes it easier for them to create GST invoices without internet access. The customers don’t have to wait due to internet connectivity issues. Algo ensures that the data is safe by helping businesses enable automatic data backups.

Offline billing software creates professional GST bills for customers without an active internet connection. An offline billing tool is helpful for businesses in poor network connectivity. Regions like hilly and rural regions are best examples.

Using the offline version helps ensure that customers get uninterrupted billing experience. The app data remains secure as the business owner can also do local backups. Further, the app can set up automatic backups too.


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